Welcome to kathikas Village

Kathikas villageKathikas located to the north of the town of Paphos, approximately 22km away, with roots dating back to antiquity, rumor has it that the village was a stop-over for merchants and travelers since it is mid-way between Paphos and Polis Chrysochous. Here, they would rest along with their animals at the old inn which existed at the time. Today Kathikas is still one of the most attractive villages of the area, well known for its great many vineyards, grapes being its main product and their cultivation the main occupation of the villagers. Notable is the church of Panayia Evangelistria (AD 1870).

The village forms part of the Akamas project, whose concern is the general improvement and boosting of the greater area on the basis of its traditional character and nature.


Experience the rich traditions of village people: the simple, serene rhythms of rural life, folk customs, daily activities, and the authentic tastes of traditional cuisine: all filtered through the sense of genuine hospitality. From there await the pleasant surprises that nature has in store for you: different scents, images of beauty, walks down natural trails, visits to historical monasteries and archaeological sites, the real life of the country.

You'll see and enjoy, day after day and you will be rejuvenated. As for the cuisine in these places, it is certain that you will be missing it a long time after you've had a taste. Agro tourism is not something you describe but something you experience.

Kathikas is a friendly small village of 500 inhabitants perched on a vine - covered hill midway between Paphos and Polis. Its central, convenient position , provides an easy access to Paphos, Coral Bay, Polis, Baths of Aphrodite as well as Lara Bay (Akamas).

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